Introducing Wulff Supplies' new logistics centre

Officially opened on 17 September 2010, but has been in operation since June. The logistics centre does not just contain warehousing facilities, but also modern offices, which are used by central functions such as purchasing, corporate development, and customer service.

In connection with the development and construction of a new logistics centre, focus has shifted to developing efficient premises with minimal impact on the environment, where the working conditions are always ergonomically correct.

Some facts about the logistics centre:

  • Employees: 30
  • 16,000 products in the range
  • 5,900 products in stock
  • 3,200 pallet spaces, 10,600 shelf locations
  • Availability for items in stock is over 98 %

For additional information, please contact Head for Logistics Mattias Örtenblad

Address : Näsvägen 2 B, SE-341 32 Ljungby, Sweden